Toast of the Town


Together with The Narrative Vintage, Reverie released a three-part collaborative collection of vintage glassware and clothing, featuring a unique color palette and story for each portion. I curated all of the glassware, and co-art directed and styled a photoshoot highlighting looks and pieces from the collection.
︎︎︎ Creative Direction
︎︎︎ Prop Styling
︎︎︎ Photo Retouching

Glassware by Reverie
Clothing by The Narrative Vintage
Photographer: Fernando Palafox
Cast: Annie Dean & Sinram Gill
HMU: Sarah Maberry
Stylist Assist: Eliza Monty

Part One: Love Joy

Romantic pinks, bold rouges, and iridescent flair.

Part Two: Sip Into Sunset

Glowing ambers and sultry smoke glass for toasting away into a tropical oasis.

Part Three: Cool À La Mode

A breezy blue palette inspired by coastal retreats and sporty Americana.